Hedj Rustic Silver Bracelet

  • Hematite, 6mm wide
  • Charcoal Black Details
  • Rustic Grey Finish


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Weight 24 g
Dimensions 65 × 65 × 5 mm


Black, Silver


One Size

For Egyptians, jewelry had a spiritual significance. It was worn, for example, to keep evil spirits away and protect their health. Certain colors, designs, and materials were associated with supernatural powers and deities.

The word “hedj” represented white and silver in Egypt. Silver was very prized but fairly scarce. It was very popular as the pharaonic jewelry and, when available, it was known as “white gold” (nub hedj).

Silver was rarer than gold in Ancient Egypt and so it had more value. This is the origin of our Egypt collection. Silver was associated with the moon, the color of the sun at dawn and the stars.