The Company

We created the first line of statement accessories built exclusively for the successful, charismatic worldly gentleman.

Every self-confident man has their unique aura, a way of expressing themselves beyond mere words, and a mastery in doing things that give their actions extra value.

At Marcos de Andrade, we recognized these timeless traits of an elegant gentleman and developed a set of handcrafted pieces that would bring them to life in exhilarating form in the modern world. The result has been the launch of an intricately-handcrafted, luxuriously-appointed jewelry brand that signifies the very pinnacle of poise and stylistic flair.

Marcos de Andrade is more than just a jewelry brand. It is it’s own fashion, an accessible entryway to opulence, and a magnetic head-turner along from Rodeo Drive to the West Indies.

Importance of Quality

MDA uses only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. All of our jewelry is made from solid 92.5% Silver, with some having 18kt. Gold or Titanium Black plating. Our Crystals are certified Swarovski.
All of our leather goods are made from raw materials, which also include ethically sourced exotic python and crocodile skin leather.


Our artisans are the most professional in the business and we work meticulously keeping our ethics with innovation.
Product finishing is as important as the quality of the materials.  All of our products go through strict quality control and we take pride in delivering flawless products.

The Founder

Marcos de Andrade, known by many as the blogger Royal Fashionist, is a rising talent in men’s jewelry and accessories design. 

His creative background comes from living the art of fashion every day and from studying men’s behavior throughout his years as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. His style is elegant and masculine, and every piece is designed to impart confidence, something he believes every man must have.

Marcos fell in love with fashion during his teen years, but It was only after his first trip to Italy in 2012 that he decided to put all his creativity and passion into something tangible.

He returned to California, mesmerized by the Italian fashion, and in 2013 started the blog Royal Fashionist, which was an immediate success with men who care about style. His idea was to share the best of men’s modern fashion, accessories, grooming etc., and teach his readers how to look and feel their best.

Marcos always loved to dress up, and had an exquisite eye for clean designs and refined materials, which with his extreme attention to detail and quality, allowed him to spot the best of the fashion industry and bring to his readers.

However, when blogging, he noticed the need for high-quality men’s accessories and decided to create his own collection. He believes his inspiration comes from “everything around me”, but especially from art and history, often spotted during his trips to places like Greece and France and also his native Brazil. Marcos is involved in the entire creative process, from initial sketch to finished piece.

Marcos dedicates his life to help men become the perfect modern gentlemen, be it through writing for his blog or designing men’s jewelry and accessories. Uttermost attention to detail and rare dedication to perfection is Marcos de Andrade’s secret to success.

 “…style is power and is self expression. I want men to feel confident when they wear my designs..”

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