We’re finally in the middle of a full bloom summer, and if you’re like us on the East Coast, this weather could not have come any sooner!

And we all know what comes with the start of summer…

Pool parties, beaches, exotic travel plans, and the latest, most stylish fashion collections for the new season! As we celebrate ourselves, and this beautiful weather, it becomes even more important to make sure that we are able to put an outfit together that not only makes an amazing first impression but also boosts your own self-confidence.

With that in mind, we decided to make it easier for you to complete your wardrobe as you look to make that wow statement, and went out to find the perfect partner to your trendy and classy ensemble.

Introducing Marcos De Andrade Jewelry.

Having created a Psuedo-social persona of himself, named The Royal Fashionist, Marcos De Andrade (MDA) is our pick for this summer’s up and coming debonnaire Men’s fashion stylist and designer.

“…style is power and is self expression. I want men to feel confident when they wear my designs..”

What makes his jewelry line special?

Marcos’ jewelry designs are extremely bold and ooze an ultra confident masculine aura, specifically designed for the successful, confident, and charismatic worldly gentleman. MDA’s jewelry line of accessories is a testament to the bold self-confident man of today.

MDA’s focus towards obtaining and utilizing only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship further strengthens its position as a quality brand as opposed to, what you could call, comparable offerings in the market. MDA’s jewelry is made from solid 92.5% Silver, with some items even incorporating 18kt. Gold and/ or Titanium Black plating, and Swarovski certified Crystals.

Men’s Star Influencer Johnny Edlind Showing off the Versatility of Marcos De Andrade Designs

MDA’s Propulsion To Men’s Fashion & LifeStyle Centre-Stage

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the growing line-up of the who’s who of the men’s style-icons and celebrities, who are taking to social media to endorse their love for Marcos De Andrade‘s exceptional products.

Johnny Edlind, Chez Rust, Edward Zo, Tommy Tan, are just a few style-icons who are proclaiming MDA as their go-to jewelry line for the summer.

MDA offers a wide selection of jewelry items, including those consisting of handcrafted gold, silver, along with onyx bracelets, rings, necklaces, anklets, and wallets. Each item is put through a meticulous molding process, emboldened with the finest, and highest quality of precious materials. Though MDA’s products have predominantly focused on servicing the classy gentleman, most of the products designed by this classy and Royal Fashionist can be worn, both, by men and women.

Marcos De Andrade has managed to not only make products that are bold and stylish, but also that which aligns with our aspirational wants and needs. MDA’s products are a reflection of our need for a way to express how we feel within, outside. This is what has drawn us towards MDA’s extensive collection, and what has made them exponentially reach new heights with multiple personalities endorsing the brand on social media networks.



As Marcos puts it, it’s “…more than just a jewelry brand. It is its own fashion, an accessible entryway to opulence, and a magnetic head-turner…

So before you start preparing for that next party, make sure to check out their marvelous summer collection and be the one to make the style statement at your next get-together. Also, for a limited time, they’re also offering a 10% discount on everyone’s first order!!

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